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Over the past ten years, Katalin Deér has repeatedly spent time in the Val Bregaglia and taken photographs there. The result is an extensive collection of snapshots of different buildings and their unique presence in a landscape that is continuously moved and shaped by time and the forces of nature. Katalin Deér’s immediate sensory impressions provide the impulse for every photograph. The artist views the buildings or things in front of her as part of the current spatial event. Things are photographed in their current state of development. This gaze directed by sensory perception is supplemented in Verde with enameled copper plates, which are shown in their physicality. Like the photographic prints, the plates for the book were laid out and scanned directly. In the interweaving of times, the juxtaposition presents a spatial event through the medium of the book. The book concludes with a text collage resulting from a conversation with Stephan Kunz on artistic questions in this process.


The photos taken with an analogue camera appear in dense groups of two, four, eight, or nine pictures per page. The paper is thin and printed on one side only. The color green dominates. The flat, green enameled copper plates, printed to the edge on both sides, continually interrupt the flow of the pages with the many small-format pictures. In its surface and depth, the glassy, frozen surface created during the melting and cooling of the enameled plates is strangely similar to analogue photographic paper, and at the same time a snapshot that becomes what it is through an action. Inspired by the combination of the pictures (often repeated ones of the same buildings), the result is a complex and at the same time temporal interweaving and narrative: not an enumeration of architecture, but an emphatic view that focuses on things and turns to them, a tightrope walk. Attention is given to situations or states that reveal special values and qualities—and whose consideration produces a sensation of space: out of perception and before judgment.


Stephan Kunz


Katalin Deér


Samuel Bänziger

Rosario Florio

Larissa Kasper


196 pages

230 × 310 mm


LanguageGerman / Italian

CHF 32.00