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Research for Peace Love Warrior Dragon is an arrangement in book form of photographs taken by Michael Bodenmann on a trip through China. The arrangement as a pictorial tapestry is reflected in the book, and the resulting fragmentation and composition are expanded by the readers’ associations. The book also includes postcards collected on the trip, which, as a supplement to the photographs generated by the artist, refer to the open-ended context of the production of the pictures. In this sense, Research for Peace Love Warrior Dragon has no beginning and no end. The depicted parts of the pictorial tapestry represent the feeling of an experience, rather than claiming a documentary quality. The photographs are also meant to be understood as a body of work and the book is not intended as a linear catalog of images, but as a self-contained work.


The images are supplemented by a text by the art historian and curator Gabrielle Schaad and an account of a journey by the artist Clifford E. Bruckmann. In her text, Gabrielle Schaad reflects on the conditions and context of the images and their creation. Clifford E. Bruckmann in turn negotiates a subjective account of an experience in writing just as Michael Bodenmann does with his photographic work.


This publication was made possible with the generous support of Kulturförderung des Kantons St.Gallen, Kulturförderung Appenzell Ausserrhoden and Stiftung für Ostschweizer Kunstschaffen.



Michael Bodenmann


Gabrielle Schaad

Clifford E. Bruckmann


Samuel Bänziger
Rosario Florio
Larissa Kasper


135 × 205 mm

216 pages


CHF 32.00