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Fabio Marco Pirovino explores the boundaries and possibilities of imagery. For the exhibition Reality (15 October – 12 December 2016) at the art space epepep in St.Gallen, the artist realized a series of his typical “scribble paintings”: abstract, gestural paintings, layered traces as dormant records of dynamic processes. Pirovino painted twenty-one PVC films of different sizes, applying the monochrome paint directly with his hands and fingers. The artist nailed these object-like substrates to sprayed canvases with the painted side facing inward so that the surface of the works has a mirror-like appearance. The artist’s book Reality Pirovino is a continuation of the exhibition. The full-scale reproductions were cropped in the layout, and the canvases and nails are invisible. This captures the screen-like quality of the works, which is emphasized by the sheen of the book pages with a UV coating.


Fabio Marco Pirovino


Fabio Marco Pirovino

Jiajia Zhang


Samuel Bänziger

Rosario Florio

Larissa Kasper


24 pages

250 × 360 mm



CHF 18.00