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LEAVES contains the work of 23 students at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, all of whom have created individual architectural projects through the translation of a personal inspiration. The plans and renderings in this book were part of the university’s final exhibitions of 2020, 2021, and 2022. The works were created over four semesters by 3rd year Bachelor students, and 4th and 5th year Master students, including a number of Master theses. The world of plants has accompanied them as inspiration in both content and form. This includes its title—LEAVES—as a metaphor for the act of learning.


Published with the kind support of ETH Zürich.


Angela Deuber Atelier


Angela Deuber

Fabio Gsell

Maja Malmcrona

Elena Miegel

Guido Porta


Samuel Bänziger

Rosario Florio

Larissa Kasper


284 pages

230 × 310 mm

Soft cover with fold-outs


CHF 120.00