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The artists’ book “How to shoplift books” by David Horvitz is a guide on how to steal books. It details 80 ways in which one can steal a book, from the very practical, to the witty, imaginative, and romantic.


“Hide the book inside a fake rock.”


This textbook is readable, but also shamelessly draws attention to its existence as an object, a conversation starter, a thing that can be acquired by fair means or foul. This is a book that turns a point of sale display into an intellectual and ethical adventure.


“Cook up some garlic in olive oil in the store. Exit with the book while everyone is caught in the ecstasy of the aroma.”


“Fill a bag with the books you want. Make it heavier than you can carry. Ask an employee to help you carry it outside.”


This project was initiated by David Horvitz and Edition Taube and is an ongoing translation and publishing work. For each language Edition Taube collaborated with a publisher from the corresponding language region.


Published by tria publishing platform


David Horvitz


155 × 105 mm

84 pages


CHF 9.00