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Thomas Julier earned his Bachelor’s degree in Photography (2009) and his Master of Fine Arts (2013) at Zurich University of the Arts. His projects primarily involve photography, film, objects, software and language. Thomas Julier frequently works with specific places and contexts, examining social, media and historical phenomena. In his Cahier, entitled “Just a Few Drops Down the Hatch”, Julier showcases photographs that he took between 2014 and 2023. It presents moments captured in Rome, Palermo and Paris in reverse chronological order, beginning with the cover: building façades, landscapes, shop windows, billboards, signs, statues, crows or mannequins. These images are no fleeting snapshots – they testify to his sharp observation and technical precision.


The publication also presents thematically grouped slogans from T-shirts printed by Thomas Julier. Collected over a period of many years, they break up the photography pages at irregular intervals. The slogans open up an additional level of reflection on language and visual forms of expression. A prelude and a text by Roman Selim Khereddine complete and contextualise Julier’s work. They provide insights into his artistic approach and allow the reader to engage more deeply with his photographic works.


The mix of photographs, T-shirt slogans and accompanying texts creates a multifaceted whole that is representative of Thomas Julier’s work.


Roman Selim Khereddine (Zurich), who wrote the text for Julier’s Cahier, is an artist and art critic. Before completing his Master’s in Fine Arts at Zurich University of the Arts (2020), he earned his Bachelor’s in Islamic Studies and History (2010–2013) and a Master’s degree in Arabic and Turkish (2013–2016) at the University of Zurich. His works are on display throughout Switzerland and abroad, and he regularly publishes articles on contemporary art.



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Thomas Julier


Samuel Bänziger
Michel Egger
Rosario Florio
Larissa Kasper


210 × 270 mm
128 pages

LanguageGerman / English